Leasing Uniforms: Another Prudential Option


Uniforms and Apparel

Prudential Overall Supply Company is a business that makes running your business easier. Prudential has a unique approach to supplying businesses with work apparel and work gear. Putting their customers first has always been a pillar of the Prudential business model. Prudential offers a variety of different types of work apparel, including medical scrubs, restaurant uniforms, mechanics uniforms, and more.

Most all of the uniforms that Prudential offers are available through their great uniform leasing program. Their uniform leasing program specializes in customizing your business and your employees’ work apparel. Work uniforms should make your employees look good, but they should also match the look and feel of your business. As part of the Prudential Overall Supply Company, a customer service representative can help advise on the fabric, color and style that is best suited for the work apparel for your business. Customizing your look helps to build a relationship and brand image between customers and a business.

Prudential can add nice touches, such as your company logo or the name of an employee, on any of the shirts, jackets or blouses that they offer. Prudential offers a variety of work apparel in different colors, shapes and sizes: everything from spa uniforms, flame-resistant clothing, security uniforms, and work clothes, to service industry apparel, automotive repair apparel and corporate business work apparel. Prudential also makes it easier than ever, through their online catalog and their multiple store locations throughout the country, to pick out the work apparel that will work best for you and your employees!

Leasing Uniforms: Another Prudential Option