Making Uniform Cleaning Easy: Complete Service Cycle

When Prudential Overall Supply Company arrives at your place of business to pick up a shipment of work clothes that needs to be cleaned, they first present you with a delivery invoice  to ensure that all of the items you sent in are returned.

Each item is then sorted based on the fabric and type of cleaning the garment needs. If there are any garments that need special attention, those are sorted accordingly.

All of the garments are then washed, according to their specific washing requirements. Prudential strives to comply with green solution standards and washes using energy- and water-efficient appliances.

Garments are then dried, according to their specifications. If your business chooses to have pants and other items cleaned with Prudential, the company offers services like executive pant pressing and shirt pressing for all shirts, to ensure that uniforms look crisp and clean.

If a garment needs repair, Prudential also offers in-line repair, which means that fixing a garment will take next to no time at all! The garment will be repaired on-site and delivered the following week.

Each garment that is washed is tagged and identified, and then sent out for distribution according your schedule. All of the items are returned  to ensure that each business receives all of the garments and supplies that they need.

Making Uniform Cleaning Easy: Complete Service Cycle