Medical Uniforms and Cleanroom Services


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The importance of keeping a cleanroom clean, and medical uniforms sanitary can be the difference between life and death. Prudential Overall Supply Company is one of the leaders in offering sterile cleanroom garments, goggles and mops. . If you check out our Prudential website, you can see a whole section dedicated to the clean room services that we offer.

Since 1960, Prudential clean room services have been part of the Prudential Overall Supply Company. They are clean room services that specialize in aseptic, particulate and ESD controlled environments. Prudential has always tried to work with their clients and their growing and changing demands.

This is evident in Prudential clean room services, as within the clean room industry that grows and changes almost daily with the evolving requirements and regulations. Prudential clean room services are offered throughout the United States.

Because of Prudential’s overall commitment to keeping their company and services green and environmentally friendly, you can be sure that your clean room apparel is not only up to standard, but also causing a minimal impact on the environment. Prudential’s commitment to critical environments is apparent through their wide selection of clean room apparel, protective face masks, clean room equipment, and their ability to customize most any work uniform. Prudential’s website makes online ordering easier than ever. Keeping up with the demands of your clean room can be made manageable with Prudential clean room services.

Medical Uniforms and Cleanroom Services