Nitrile vs. Latex Gloves: Which Is Best for Your Business?

If your business uses personal protective equipment, chances are you’ve considered the benefits of nitrile over latex gloves or vice versa. Disposable gloves add a new level of hygiene. They protect healthcare providers, patients, cleaning personnel, food service workers, and others against harmful compounds, microbes, and disease. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of nitrile vs. latex gloves to help determine what’s most suited for your business.

Benefits of Nitrile Gloves

black nitrile gloves

These synthetic rubber gloves are durable and resistant to harsh chemicals. They were first introduced in the 1990s as an alternative for those with latex allergies. In addition to being latex-free, these medical-grade gloves have benefits such as:

  • Exceptional puncture and tear resistance.
  • Blue or black colors make it easy to identify punctures.
  • Mold well to the hand and provide high sensitivity.
  • Are safe to use around corrosive chemicals and infectious materials.
  • Can provide protection against viruses.
  • Biodegradable types are available (standard nitrile isn’t biodegradable).
  • Are ideal for use in hospital and medical settings.
  • Tend to be longer lasting than latex gloves.

Benefits of Latex Gloves

latex disposable gloves

Latex gloves are widely popular in the healthcare industry. A material derived from rubber trees, latex creates a flexible material that conforms to the contours of the wearer’s hand. While latex gloves are not as durable in terms of contact with harsh solvents, they have a few benefits that include:

  • A close fit, while allowing for an extensive range of motion.
  • Comfort, even after extended periods of use.
  • Excellent protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • Elasticity, strength, and dexterity.
  • Lightly powdered to make putting them on easy.
  • Are a cost-effective solution.
  • Are naturally biodegradable.

Which Type of Glove Is Best for Your Business?

Man with tattoo wearing black latex gloves

Both nitrile and latex gloves have many benefits. Both are lightweight and stretchable. A few other factors can determine whether you choose one over the other. One is if the wearer is allergic to latex (a normally comfortable material), which for some people can cause a rash, swelling, and hives among other symptoms.

Nitrile gloves not only benefit people with latex allergies. They’re also more suited for environments where chemicals and sharp objects are present. A nitrile glove is more puncture-resistant, suiting it for most medical settings and anywhere a range of chemicals are used for cleaning. Yet, it is a little more expensive than latex—a downside—but the gloves are incredibly resilient in environments that demand a stronger, more resistant material.

If the job tasks typically performed at your business don’t require much dexterity, nitrile gloves are best. The biggest benefit is durability. Latex, known for superior hygiene and motion precision, is most suited for tasks that require these attributes, as nitrile gloves can restrict movement. It’s therefore important to consider the types of activities workers usually engage in when selecting gloves.

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