Pros and Cons of Employee Name Tags

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Name tags can identify personnel and your company and brand. They’re used in many locations, including hotels, stores, offices, and warehouses. Such means of identification fosters recognition, motivation, and quality control, while company emblems and nametags can feature custom logos that reflect your company’s brand. What people wear to work varies, from company to company, but here’s a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of name tags at work.

Advantages of Wearing Name Tags

The use of ID badges varies by company. Depending on company policy, employees may wear them all the time, but other employers are less strict and say employees must have them available, but not necessarily on display. Some advantages of having a name tag include:

  • Communication: People instantly know your name without asking. People don’t have to ask for a name, so conversations can start without people introducing themselves.
  • Branding: A name tag can serve as a branding tool because it can include a company logo and colors (Prudential Uniforms can tailor your ID tags to match your brand). People can instantly recognize the company and its employees with these visual cues.
  • Professionalism: One’s name and reputation are on the line, so a person may be more likely to act professionally. There’s also greater clarity when reporting issues and troubleshooting.
  • Customer service: When interacting with customers, an employee’s name can be instantly identified; employees can be held accountable, and they may be less likely to act inappropriately. Customers also become instantly familiar with your logo through personalized interaction.
  • Loyalty: Customers can be on a first-name basis with those helping them and feel more loyal to that employee. An employee with a name tag may be more likely to be credited for his or her good work.

Security: Individuals responsible for safety matters can be instantly identified, but law enforcement can also tell who is qualified to, for example, move equipment. A campus employee was once stopped by police at night for this, and the police needed to search for his ID rather than having security guards identify him via a name badge on his work apparel.1

ID tags and embroidered name patches offer an opportunity to display your custom logo and company colors. Names may be required on, for example, hospital uniforms. Your company can require ID tags to be worn for the sake of identification and/or brand recognition Shop from one of the top uniform companies—Prudential Overall Supply—to obtain custom name tags and logos from an experienced team. Learn more online or call 800-767-5536.