Providing Plus Size Scrub Uniforms

According to recent studies, the average American woman is a size 14, and more than 60% of the female population wears that size or larger. Despite this concrete information, the majority of the work uniform and scrub community continues to mostly cater to smaller sizes. Often, this leaves plus sized medical professionals constantly searching for high quality, fashionable scrubs that fit as well as they look. So what can a company, practice or organization do to ensure that they are properly catering to their plus sized clientele?

Start by offering a wider selection of shapes and sizes. Not only will all of your employees appreciate the fact that you’re making every effort to acknowledge their varying shapes and body sizes, but it will also provide you the biggest opportunity to ensure that you offer something for everyone on your team.

Remember that everyone is built differently. Offering varying sleeve lengths, inseams, and a variety of scrub top shapes allows your team members to best suit the scrubs that work best for them. Talk to your work uniform service about any special needs or requests that you may have. And don’t forget to make a size chart readily available to your employees. This ensures that they have the best opportunity to choose a size that fits comfortably, without having to sacrifice style.