Prudential Overall Supply: Keeping You Safe Since 1932!

From high visibility safety vests to cleanroom uniforms, the right apparel can make or break a workplace.

Workplace safety

In 1932, automotive garages throughout Los Angeles came to Prudential Overall Supply to outfit their workers. Ever since, we’ve been helping businesses of all varieties keep their employees safe, clean, and happy. How do we do it?  It’s simple:

We supply businesses with professional uniforms.

Professional uniforms raise brand awareness, boost sprit, and inspire loyalty. They make it easier for customers to spot employees and flag them down. That much you probably knew, but did you know that unique apparel can enhance safety by allowing for quick identification?

It’s important for employees in high-risk environments (think construction sites or prisons) to easily spot coworkers. Uniforms also help employers single out people that shouldn’t be lurking around a work site. In an era of heightened vigilance, easy identification is a plus.

  • Who needs easily identifiable uniforms?
    • Construction workers who work near moving vehicles and heavy equipment
    • Firefighters who work in dangerous, low visibility situations
    • Security guards who need to announce their presence
    • Prison guards who need to distinguish themselves from prisoners

We provide professional cleaning services.

At Prudential Overall Supply, we don’t just sell uniforms; we clean them as well. That makes it easier for employees to keep their uniforms free from pathogens, toxins, and bacteria.

That’s good news for everyone but, particularly, for workers who spend their days in restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, or anywhere else that relies on clean uniforms to maintain a hygienic environment.

  • Who needs clean uniforms?
    • Cooks who prepare meals for customers
    • Healthcare professionals who interact with sick and injured patients
    • Food processing workers who handle the food we consume

We carry the full range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

What do plumbers and general contractors have in common with biomedical researchers and surgeons? They all need uniforms to protect themselves from their environment. Grease, grime, dirt, bacteria, chemicals, bodily fluids—the list of hazards is long. Uniforms not only protect workers’ personal clothes; they also protect their bodies from foreign substances.

From medical scrubs to hard hats, from laboratory coats to high-visibility safety vests, personal protective equipment comes in many shapes and sizes.

  • Who needs personal protective equipment?
    • Firefighters who need protection against extreme conditions
    • Automotive workers who deal with grease and oils
    • Coal miners who work in highly dangerous environments
    • Contractors who work with electrical outlets, plumbing, heavy objects, and exposed structures
    • Laboratory technicians who deal with hazardous substances and materials

We supply businesses with high-quality facility cleaning products.

A clean workplace requires the right cleaning equipment. Floors must stay scrubbed. Surfaces should be dust-free. Bathrooms need essential supplies like towels, dispensers, soap, and mats. The right cleaning products not only make sanitation possible; they make it easy.

  • What facilities need cleaning products?
    • Every business establishment needs at least the basics

We’re a leading provider of cleanroom apparel services.

cleanroom apparel services

Many work environments insist on cleanliness, but cleanrooms are required to go above and beyond the call of duty. Governed by strict safety standards, controlled environments rely on special apparel and explicit cleaning protocols.

Since 1960, Prudential Overall Supply has helped controlled facilities maintain the highest safety standards. We do so by providing professional cleanroom uniforms, products (including clean room gloves and clean room wipes), and services.

  • Who needs Prudential Cleanroom services?
    • Bioscience researchers
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
    • Medical device producers
    • Semiconductor plants
    • Aerospace firms

Keeping workers safe since 1932.

When it comes to keeping workers safe with high-quality uniforms, no one has more experience than Prudential Overall Supply. Whether you’re a leading aerospace firm or a local automotive shop, you can trust Prudential Overall Supply to provide the safest, cleanest, most professional apparel on the market.