How Recent Graduates Were Able to Land Their Dream Jobs

While you might hear in the news about how hard it is for recent college and university graduates to find jobs, let alone their dream job, there are still those graduates that have been able to accomplish this. How did they accomplish this and find themselves in the small minority of approximately 30 percent of all recent graduates who successfully landed their dream jobs right away?

Land Their Dream Jobs

To start with, these students had a clear idea of what they wanted to be when they “grew up.” Not knowing what you want to be or what type of career field you want to pursue can lead to uncertainty or the ever-common “liberal arts” path many college students initially pursue.

Next, many of these young adults followed their childhood desires and stuck with the career they wanted. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the dream jobs for men included:

  • Scientists
  • Helicopter or Airline Pilot
  • Olympic or Professional Athlete
  • Astronaut
  • Lawyer

For women they included:

  • Veterinarian
  • Novelist, Writer, or Journalist
  • Singer
  • EMT, Nurse, or Doctor
  • Teacher

While many children and teens have an idea of their dream job, most do not follow through for different reasons. Some might be pressurized by family to pursue a particular career field. Others may give up on their dreams because the career seems too far out of their reach to ever secure.

Giving up too soon before even formulating a plan is not something the other 30% did. Most had a plan on what they were going to do in high school and at a university to set them on the path of landing the career they desired. In some cases, these students even formulated a backup career path in the same or related field.

For instance, if their dream was to become an Olympic or professional athlete, they might have also considered a career as an Olympic or professional trainer or coach. This way, if they got injured and were unable to follow through on their initial dream job, they had a different opportunity where they could still secure a career in their preferred field.

Work Uniform Company

Other things these students did was openly pursue foreign exchange and study abroad programs. These types of educational experiences can open up new doors and expand networking opportunities. Plus, many of these students looked for internships in their dream careers after graduating high school.

These students also reached out to other people already working in their desired career fields in high school. By making this connection, many students tapped into mentors who helped provide them with what they needed to do to get into that particular career field. Not to mention, it provided a professional reference they could use on their resumes.

Last, they took the time to start marketing themselves in high school. They might have created a professional career profile on social media sites, like LinkedIn, or participated in community events where they knew other professionals in their dream careers would be present. No matter what your dream job is, you, too, can reach it if you remain persistent like these recent graduates have done.

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