Rent, Lease or Purchase Uniforms: The Prudential Way


Uniforms and Apparel

Prudential Overall Supply has been in the business of supplying companies with work uniforms since it opened its doors over 75 years ago. Since the beginning, Prudential offered a great alternative to what was an outdated industry standard.

When Prudential first began to offer work apparel to various companies, the industry standard was to directly sell uniforms to individual businesses. With business owners forced to buy uniforms, it meant that only some very profitable and successful businesses were able to exude this level of professionalism. Without available lines of credit, over 75 years ago, this would have remained the standard if it weren’t for Prudential.

Prudential helped to revolutionize the industry by putting their customer (the business owner) first. Prudential began to offer rental and leasing services for work apparel and work uniforms. This meant that Prudential would bear the brunt of the cost and pay for the uniforms upfront, and then lease or rent them to various companies that could not take on the financial burden of purchasing uniforms. While this meant that Prudential incurred more risk and cost at the beginning, business boomed because of their cutting-edge business model.

Since then, customers have trusted Prudential for all of their work uniform and business supply needs. Whether you’re running an auto mechanic shop, or a high end restaurant, Prudential offers uniforms at competitive prices, and their services still include work apparel laundry and repair, which means that all of your employees will always be looking their best.

Rent, Lease or Purchase Uniforms: The Prudential Way