Rent, Lease, or Purchase Uniforms? Which Is Right for Your Business for 2018?

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You have three different options when it comes to providing your employees with uniforms: renting, leasing, or purchasing. Deciding which one is the best for your business requires reviewing each option.

Renting Uniforms

Work uniform rentals are appealing because they offer a low-cost method to keep your employees looking great. Rental programs are customizable to suit your exact business needs. You can include your company name or logo on shirts, blouses, and jackets. You can even have your employees’ names on their uniform shirts.

Renting has a few added benefits over leasing and purchasing because it includes laundering services. You or your employees do not have to worry about washing or cleaning the uniforms. If any uniforms need repairs or need to be replaced, these features are included in a rental program.

Additionally, you are free to incorporate other textiles as part of your rental program, like cloth napkins and tablecloths for your restaurant. Renting also means you will never have to worry about keeping an inventory on hand for new employees. You simply call and request uniforms for any new employees.

In addition, each of your employees is fitted for their uniform so they are correctly sized. In the event they lose or gain weight or become pregnant, they can request a better-fitting uniform.

Leasing Uniforms

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Leasing is another low-cost method of obtaining uniforms. Just like renting, you do not have a large upfront commitment. Your employees are still fitted with their uniforms so they are sized correctly. In the event any uniforms need to be repaired or get worn out, they are fixed or replaced with new ones.

You can also take advantage of having individual names added to the shirts, as well as your company name on jackets, shirts, and blouses. The one major difference is you or your employees are responsible for washing and cleaning the uniforms.

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Purchasing Uniforms

Purchasing means you buy the uniforms and own them, which can require a larger upfront commitment. Often, you shop uniforms and buy them based on your current headcount and may keep a small inventory on hand.

You are responsible for managing your uniform program yourself. In the event a uniform needs to be repaired, you or your employee must take care of it. Once uniforms wear out, you will need to buy new ones.

You can have your company name or logo added to jackets, shirts, and blouses, along with the employees’ names on their shirts. However, if employees leave the company and you want the uniforms returned, you may want to consider velcro style name labels so you can reissue the shirts to another employee.

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