Restaurant Industry Facts to Help Get Your Employees Ready for Valentine’s Day

Busiest Restaurant Holidays

It’s hard to believe we are already almost a full month into 2018. That means Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. For those of you in the restaurant industry, February 14th is the second busiest restaurant holiday of the year. Many restaurants have already started accepting reservations, with some starting as soon as February 15th of last year!

While you are sure to have a many bookings and full dining rooms on Valentine’s Day, as well as the upcoming weekend, you will want to help get your employees in the holiday spirit as they prepare to greet and wait on your guests. To help gear them up for what is sure to be a busy weekend that starts on Thursday, here are some fun and interest facts, provided by the National Restaurant Association (NRA):

  • 42% of diners pick their or their loved one’s favorite restaurant for their holiday meal.
  • 21% of diners select a restaurant that has a romantic environment.
  • 13% select a restaurant that will feature a special Valentine’s Day menu.
busy days for restaurants
  • 12% allow their loved one to pick the restaurant and surprise them.
  • 11% of diners will try a new restaurant on Valentine’s Day.
  • The estimated average expenditure on Valentine’s Day 2018 is $139 per couple.
  • 51% of people plan to dine out on Thursday—Valentine’s Day.
  • 36% of people plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day either on Friday or Saturday.
  • 8% of people said they would be dining out multiple times during the entire Valentine’s Day weekend.
  • 67% of diners prefer being able to choose their own menu items from a traditional menu, rather a Prix Fixe menu.
  • 56% of diners prefer traditional menus over special Valentine’s Day menus.
  • 34% of diners select a restaurant based on its reviews.
  • 27% of diners select a restaurant that creates a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day.
  • 16% of diners choose a restaurant based on the prior level of service they received.
  • Almost 33% of people said they would like to receive a restaurant gift card as their Valentine’s Day gift.
  • 46% of men said they would prefer a gift card for a Valentine’s Day gift.1
Restaurant Industry

The Valentine Day’s holiday weekend is sure to provide for some busy days for restaurants starting on Thursday, February 14th and continuing through the entire weekend.

During this holiday, it is equally important to make sure your entire staff looks their best. After all, the impressions your employees make on your guests will determine if they return to dine at your business throughout the year and return next Valentine’s Day.

The easiest way to guarantee everyone looks sharp and is dressed accordingly is by having them wear the right restaurant uniforms. You could even have your staff wear special Valentine’s Day uniforms in reds and whites. To learn more about uniform rentals for your restaurant and our nearest location in your area, please feel free to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 today!