Supplying Every Aspect of Your Business


Uniforms and Apparel

Ensuring that your employees have a work uniform is a great way to keep your business looking professional. A uniform rental service like Prudential Overall Supply Company helps to keep work apparel clean and looking sharp. But there are other aspects and areas, aside from appearance, where Prudential Uniform Supply Company can help businesses with the things that they need.

For example, running a business requires that you have a bathroom readily accessible for your employees. Most businesses also open up their bathroom doors to their customers, as well, as a courtesy -- after all, having a bathroom available may bring customers in, and keep them in longer.

Having the right supplies for every aspect of your business is important. Ensuring that you have enough merchandise or food to meet the needs of supply and demand is the basis of a great business model. There are some supplies that companies need to supply, but they do not necessarily sell, like restroom supplies. Having to worry about whether your bathroom is properly stocked is not a duty that typically falls under the owners’ jurisdiction; usually those tasks are left to the managers. Making life easier and cleaner for your employees is a great way to keep up morale and ensure that employees are happy.

A restroom facility must have certain items stocked in order to meet state health department regulations. A soap dispenser must be stocked with soap, a hand towel dispenser -- whether it is automatic or manual -- must have clean towels available to employees. In addition, seat covers are required by law in some states like California. Whatever your supply need, Prudential Overall Supply can most certainly help.

Supplying Every Aspect of Your Business