The Up-and-Coming Tech Industry in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona skyline

At Prudential Cleanroom Services, we’ve provided cleanroom and apparel services since 1960 to tech companies across the Phoenix area and beyond. In addition, we have grown into an internationally recognized supplier for bio-science, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and semiconductor companies that depend on controlled environments and sterile apparel/uniforms. We’re proud to serve the booming Phoenix, Arizona tech industry, which we now explore in detail.

The Promising Tech Industry in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ represents the fifth largest data center market in the country.1 Electronic manufacturing, aerospace, and satellite telecommunications are growing fast here too. In addition to increasing the demand for computer science education (more on this later), this has also provided our company with opportunities to offer cleanroom garment processing services, as many of these organizations depend on aseptic-, particulate-, and ESD-controlled environments to ensure the highest quality of products. Our ISO 9001 certified Cleanroom Service Centers are fully validated for sterile garment processing.

The boom is being felt by software development companies in Arizona, which have seen 30% job growth in a decade, as of 2021 (10% faster than the national average). Phoenix is one of the fastest growing tech markets in the U.S.2 Data center operators and software developers rely heavily on equipment produced in controlled environments, as do many other businesses in the tech industry.

Lower operating costs are helping; according to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, it costs 36% less to run a business in the Greater Phoenix area than in California.3 Yet this is not the only reason businesses are setting up their headquarters in Phoenix. The cost of power is low, as is the risk of natural disasters compared to locations farther west, including Silicon Valley. There are, however, other key reasons why Phoenix tech companies are attracted to Arizona and fueling rapid growth.

Why Phoenix Is Experiencing a Tech Boom


Phoenix has become a popular place for businesses of all types to set up shop. Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and Lucid Motors (among other electric vehicle companies) relocated or expanded here between 2015 and 2020. In fact, 634 companies were aided by the Arizona Commerce Authority during this time.1 We remain committed to satisfying the evolving requirements of every customer, regardless of their industry segment.

Growth in the data center market has been a phenomenon to watch in the Arizona tech industry. A vast network infrastructure is required to support operations in this segment. Zayo Group is not new to Phoenix, but it’s working with the city’s growing data centers to increase IT network infrastructure.

To boost capacity, it has expanded its fiber-optic network to over 2,100 miles of cable. As of late 2021, 33 data centers and 800 buildings were connected, with plans to add 100 route miles in the West Valley and 200 route miles in development areas between Phoenix and Tuscon.4

The demand for accelerated tech innovation is certainly driving explosive growth and putting the city on the path to becoming a major technology hub.

Focus on Computer Science Education

Tech growth is also being fueled by an abundance of career-centric computer science education programs. There are now more than 30 universities and other academic institutions with computer science degree options in and around Phoenix. In addition, information technology degrees are offered at over 15 different local colleges.2

The education infrastructure is producing a steady flow of tech graduates. These emerging professionals are helping meet market demand in many segments, including artificial intelligence, DevOps engineering, and computer programming. Thanks to the rapid growth, graduates are able to find jobs and stay in Phoenix, providing more fuel to grow the regional business and economic base.

Arizona Business Incentives

Phoenix has an extensive infrastructure to set up offices. It’s also a haven for affordable coworking spaces where professionals can collaborate and be creative. Incubators provide workspace as well, where tech professionals can network with like-minded individuals in their industries. Some of these spaces, particularly at universities, provide research opportunities and access to scientific equipment.

From semiconductors to software development, the Phoenix tech industry is diverse. So is its information and communications technology workforce, which includes 77,000+ employees within the city alone.1 Modern work environments like those mentioned above are providing these workers with room to stay productive, and development companies with room to grow. Innovation and development is expected to continue.

COVID-19 Created More Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a demand for technology innovation. One reason is that many companies are maintaining a remote workforce. A remote working environment requires digital tools and services such as project management software, videoconferencing and chat applications, and collaborative file management systems. To be productive, remote workers need effective communication tools and systems that allow them to collaborate on ideas, coding, and business initiatives.

There’s also a rippling effect across industries. Nonprofit organizations are thriving locally and need CRM and marketing automation platforms. These tools help increase donations and provide platforms to track engagement, analyze data, and provide reporting. Companies in  many sectors require updates to existing software to maintain a high level of performance. Updating code is just one aspect of meeting demand and just a small fraction of what it takes to sustain development as projects become increasingly complex.

Prudential Cleanroom Services: Longtime Partner to Those in the Tech Industry

We are proud to serve local industrial customers via our Phoenix, AZ location and Mesa, AZ facility. From here, a wide selection of work uniforms and industrial garments are available for rent or purchase. Partnering with the Arizona tech industry has enabled us to work with industrial clients that depend on high-quality uniforms and apparel as well as our cleanroom laundry services.

Prudential Cleanroom Services is known internationally by companies that have operations in controlled environments. Our clients include those in the semiconductor, aerospace, and pharmaceutical segments, and we serve software development companies in Arizona as well. We offer cleanroom garment processing in sterile facilities. The products we offer include industrial and cleanroom uniforms, personal protective equipment such as gloves and facemasks, floor cleaning products, mops, towels, mats, and storage units.

Our Phoenix, AZ plant has been awarded the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) “Star” by the Arizona Department of Occupational Health and Safety. Prudential Cleanroom Services is also proud to be a part of the Clean Green Sustainability Movement. We also employ our own Safety Program to ensure our workplaces are clean and hazard-free.

To learn more about our products, services, and what we do and stand for, as well as how we help serve the Phoenix, Arizona tech industry, call 800-767-5536 today.