The History of the Chef’s Uniform

Uniforms and Apparel

The history of modern day restaurants and the chefs who run the kitchen is full of interesting details and events. The trials and changes this industry has gone through is a testament to the strength of the art of cooking, while the growing popularity of restaurants and eateries attests to the overall success of the industry.

Evolution of Restaurants

Over the years, the way we have dined has changed greatly. Although traditionally, most families dined in home, industrious men and women have found ways to sell meals. This initially got its start in roadside inns and taverns, but the trends have changed so that modern day restaurants and catering companies are the norm.

Evolution of Chefs

In addition to all of these changes, the person behind the stove has also evolved. Many modern chefs wear the traditional white double-breasted jacket, patterned pants and tall chef’s hat, but this has not always been the case. This uniform did not make an appearance until persecuted chefs donned similar attire to priests in Orthodox Church monasteries. This was done in order to blend in and escape notice of those hoping to imprison or persecute them for their freethinking in the kitchen.

The History of the Chef's Uniform

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