The Importance of Appearance: Attracting a Younger Crowd

With their oldest members now 38 years old, Millennials and the billions in purchasing power they hold continue to rise. The same is true of Generation Z, whose oldest members are now 23. To attract these dollars, you need to know how to attract both groups. Here’s our guide to having a marketing strategy that attracts both crowds.

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Mobile Is King

Gen Z members want tailored experiences, and they want to be able to access it all with their smartphones. This generation is using social media and texting in the stores they visit, so it makes sense to offer them a personalized experience that’s simple and fun wherever possible.

Whether it’s a way to purchase your products and services with one click or the opportunity to try what you offer on their phones, being creative is the key to getting Millennials to interact with your business.

Help Them Change the World

Millennials and Gen Z want to keep it real and make a difference in the world. Allow these targeted customers to do just that by creating a social media presence and inviting them to contribute with their comments or photos where they’re using or wearing your products. Offering to donate a percentage of your revenue to a worthy cause will also go a long way to inspiring the loyalty of this generation.

Keeping Their Interest

This dynamic group values traditional connections in many instances over virtual encounters. That being said, businesses can honor this by offering a mix of personal and online experiences to provide customers with the flexibility and level of interaction they want at any given moment.

Visual Impact Matters

Looking the part is a great way to attract Millennials and Gen Z to your business. In ensuring your employees have a youthful and professional appearance, you will communicate to millennial customers that your company is a modern business that is able relate to them. There are several options for work uniform rental that can bring color and style to your employee wear.

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When the right clothing is coupled with a positive and flexible work environment that promotes a good work-life balance, your company can reap another significant benefit: it can more readily attract Millennials and Generation Z to work for you.

This generation has much to offer; not only do they thrive in collaborative work environments, but when presented with opportunities for personal and professional growth, they are ready to learn new things that improve them as people and as employees. Having younger employees also means being able to develop branding strategies that are fine-tuned to attract more millennial customers.

Make the Right Impression with Your Work Wear

There’s no doubt that including both groups in your marketing and company strategies can net you more revenue. Prudential Uniforms offers professional work wear that has the style, durability and comfort that help employees excel. Discover the difference of working with a top-quality manufacturer of reusable textiles; contact us at 800-767-5536 for more information.