The Importance of Clean Medical Scrubs in the Field of Medicine

Every time you see someone wearing medical scrubs outside of a medical environment, you may not give it much thought. However, studies have shown that scrubs are capable of harboring quite a bit of bacteria — bacteria that can be harmful to the public’s health. So, how do medical personnel protect the public while also protecting themselves on the job? The answer lies in renting uniforms with cleaning services.

When a hospital orders scrubs from a supply company, they need to opt for rentals. This way, when the scrubs are soiled, they can be returned to the company for a proper washing. This includes the use of a clean room, if necessary. You see, when a medical employee wears his scrubs to the hospital, there is a chance he will pick up germs along the way. When he is inside the hospital, those germs may get passed to a patient or to another medical professional.

Once he leaves the hospital, and he is still in his scrubs, he may be bringing home some very harmful germs and bacteria. With a rental contract, hospitals can avoid this potential problem. Medical staff are able to wear their own clothes to work. Upon arrival, they will put on fresh, clean scrubs that were professionally cleaned by the supply company.

Throughout the day, if the staff is exposed to different germs and bacteria, the scrubs will likely harbor some of those germs and bacteria. However, before leaving the hospital, staff will change out of their soiled scrubs and back into their own clothing. The scrubs will be put in a safe place until they are sent back to the company for washing. The public is not exposed to the bacteria on the scrubs because the scrubs never leave the hospital.

By contracting with a company that provides rental scrubs, hospitals and other medical facilities are better able to protect the public. Fresh, clean scrubs are essential for taking care of public health. If you are a medical professional who wears scrubs to and from work, consider speaking with your supervisor about the benefits of renting scrubs. Of course, you can also make sure that you do not wear your scrubs to work, which can put your patients at risk because of germs that you might have picked up on the way, and you can also change before leaving work each day.

The safety of the public is at risk when bacteria is harbored on soiled scrubs. In order to protect the public, medical employers must consider the risks weighed against the benefits. Sure, if employees have to purchase their own scrubs, the company saves money. However, by spending the funds on rentals and cleaning, medical facilities can ensure that employees and the public are protected from potentially harmful germs and bacteria. It seems like an easy choice to make.

The right company will provide quality scrubs, along with proper cleaning services, at prices that are affordable. To learn more about clean rooms and our green laundering system, contact us today at Prudential Overall Supply.

The Importance of Clean Medical Scrubs in the Field of Medicine