The Prudential Price Integrity Promise

The Prudential Price Integrity Promise

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted virtually every aspect of our day-to-day lives, so it should come as no surprise that it has caused upheavals in the global supply chain that handles and transports goods of all kinds. From laptops to cooking supplies, it seems that stores are running out of just about everything—and the items that are available have become significantly pricier.

It’s not a problem that has a simple solution. The supply chain is experiencing bottlenecks and other kinds of disruptions at multiple points, including the warehouses, ports, railroads, and truck fleets responsible for getting products to businesses around the U.S.

The issue is making itself felt at every level of the business world. According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Census in October 2021, 45% of businesses report delays in receiving shipments from domestic suppliers. That figure was only 26.7% in January. And it is expected to continue rising in 2022.

The Prudential team understands that ongoing supply chain shortages have made it difficult for businesses to set budgets for the purchase of goods and services needed to sustain operations. That’s why we have established the Prudential Price Integrity Promise. It’s basically our way of taking the uncertainty out of the purchasing process. Businesses that rent or lease from Prudential can be assured that there will be no unexpected changes to pricing in the near future.

How We’re Keeping Your Expenses Down

The Prudential Price Integrity Promise consists of several distinct elements:

  • Price Guarantee – The established prices for all rental items you order through Prudential Overall Supply will remain steady for a one-year period. You won’t have to worry about a price increase during that time.
pcs price guarantee
  • Budget Protection Program – This ensures that Prudential customers never have to pay an unexpected charge for loss, damage, prep, or lettering. Therefore, you can accurately budget your costs without fear of encountering an unexpected fee somewhere down the line.
Budget Protection Program
  • Customer Exception Report – Prudential customers will receive an alert whenever the system detects any items not listed on the account template. This helps assure accuracy and compliance in the ordering process.
serivice guarantee

The goal of the Prudential Price Integrity Promise is to protect our customers from sudden market fluctuations that make long-term budgeting a risky procedure. With Prudential, you always know how much you’ll be paying for our goods and services. We hope that we’ll be able to provide you with a measure of stability in these unstable times.

To learn more about our Prudential Price Integrity Promise, please click here. For more information on the products and services available through Prudential Overall Supply, please explore our website or call us at 800-767-5536 today.