The State of Manufacturing Jobs: Then vs. Now

The Industrial Revolution has long been considered the most significant shift in manufacturing. However, many believe present-day technological and economic factors are just as significant.

The Tech Revolution has emerged with technological advancements, making manufacturing more efficient and demanding new skills from the workforce. Manual labor is being replaced with robotics, automation, advanced computing, and other technologies younger generations are familiar with.

Still, millions of manufacturing jobs have yet to be filled.

Technological innovations have created challenges, but manufacturing continues to drive the U.S. and global economy. Today’s processes yield less pollution, safer worksites, and other benefits. Production capacity has increased as well, benefiting all sectors.

The economic impact of manufacturing remains profound, with trillions of dollars added to the U.S. economy in 2016 alone. Manufacturers have pursued many ways to decrease costs while improving production.

Prudential Overall Supply Helps Manufacturers Save

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The State of Manufacturing Jobs Infographic
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