Top 7 Blogs for Restaurant Owners

When you’re running a restaurant, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Whether it’s hiring and supervising staff, perfecting the menu, or ordering essentials like cookware and restaurant apparel for employees, there’s always something to do, leaving little time for owners to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Keeping up with what other restaurant owners and operators are doing can help improve your business, as discovering best practices and new innovations can help keep your costs down and your margins high. While you may not have time to attend seminars and workshops, a few minutes of blog reading each day can help keep you abreast of what’s cooking in the industry.

Top 7 Blogs for Restaurant Owners

There are many blogs for restaurant owners to choose from, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of online voices trying to be heard. For the most effective use of your time, consider these helpful, relevant, and fun-to-read restaurant blogs:

  • The Salt – Operated by National Public Radio, The Salt offers interesting information about where our food comes from, and how it reaches our kitchens and tables. For restaurant owners whose clientele want information about sustainability and other food issues, The Salt provides important information and ideas.
  • Lifehack – While it isn’t exclusively about restaurants, Lifehack has plenty of blog posts about ways restaurant entrepreneurs can improve efficiency and customer service. It’s also full of nifty time-saving techniques restaurant owners can use to optimize their home life, helping to reduce stress. The articles are written in a friendly, accessible voice that restaurant owners will find engaging.
  • Restaurant Engine – This site offers a web design service for restaurant owners looking to upgrade their business websites. It also has a blog full of tips for running a great restaurant website, as well as some in-store advice. Many small restaurant owners struggle with maintaining a good website, so if you’re looking to improve your online presence or enable online ordering, this is the site for you.
  • Buzztime – Buzztime is a company that provides electronic games for bars and restaurants. The company’s blog has helpful hints for restaurant owners on brand building, employee engagement, and a variety of other best practices that can help improve their operations.
  • The Restaurant Expert – This blog is aimed at small, independent restaurant owners. The blog provides helpful hints and tips for restaurants competing against larger chains and franchises.
  • ChefTalk – This online forum gives chefs a place to talk (and often vent) about running a kitchen. It’s full of the latest information on ovens and other restaurant gear, and also provides helpful hints on cooking.
  • Grub Street – Grub Street provides a good mix of humor and information, and is a delight for restaurant owners to read. Full of great information about food and cooking, it’s a must-read for restaurant managers with a real passion for improving their menus.

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