Understanding the Purpose of Medical Scrubs

When you think about medical scrubs, what comes to mind? Grey’s Anatomy or another medical television show? Do you think about doctors, surgeons, and nurses? Have you ever wondered why scrubs are worn by medical professionals? There are a few primary reasons why medical professionals dress in scrubs:

  • The history of scrubs goes back many years. During the time when all medical professionals dressed in white, surgical areas were also white and sterile. It was discovered that all of the white was very straining on the eyes of the surgeon. So, medical staff began dressing in another color — green. Today, you will find scrubs in different colors and even in bright patterns.
  • In addition to relieving eye strain, scrubs of various colors are used to ensure sterility. When a surgeon comes to work in her street clothes, she changes into scrubs that are clean and sterile. This is essential, as she might be going into surgery or meeting with patients. She can’t expose her patients to bacteria and germs from the outside world. Patients need clean, sterile environments and staff to help speed up their recovery.
  • The same is true in reverse. When the same surgeon leaves the hospital, she changes out of her scrubs. This helps limit the public’s exposure to germs and bacteria from the hospital patients. If she wore her scrubs home from the hospital, she runs the risk of getting someone in the general public sick.

Now you know more about why scrubs are worn by medical staff. It’s much more than just a fashion statement to set them apart from the crowd. Scrubs are required protective clothing that helps keep cross-contamination to a minimum. In today’s world of increasingly-strong bacteria and germs, keeping medical environments sterile is a must — scrubs help make this possible. The pretty colors and patterns serve to help break up the monotony and allow medical staff to express a little bit of their personal style in their appearance, while still maintaining a professional look.

You may see different people dressed in scrubs outside of hospitals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are covered in germs and bacteria; they could be on their way to work. It may be their day off, and they simply enjoy the comfort of the scrubs. In general, most medical professionals keep their scrub-wearing to the hospital and practices, rather than in public. Not only for safety, but also to present a professional appearance while on the job.

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Understanding the Purpose of Medical Scrubs