Unsung Heroes Series: Celebrating Our Doctors

In this segment of our Unsung Heroes Series, Prudential Overall Supply celebrates our doctors and the services they provide children and adults of all ages by preparing for National Doctors Day, which is on March 30th.

Doctors have to go through numerous years of secondary and post-secondary education, training, and internships, just to be able to take their licensing exams. For some doctors, this can amount to around ten years of total study and internships! Most doctors do not even begin their own practices until well in their thirties.

Unsung Heroes Series: Celebrating Our Doctors

They are our unsung heroes because they have chosen a profession to provide medical care for children and adults. They accept they are going to have to work long hours each and every day, with little personal time, when they first are establishing themselves in their career field. In addition, most doctors do so much more behind the scenes that many patients never even see.

They spend time conducting research for individual patients to learn more about illnesses, diseases, and different types of treatments. They participate in ongoing study to learn the latest advances in medicine, medical devices, and medical technologies. They attend conferences, forums, and other events to further enhance their knowledge.

Aside from the amount of time they devote to their careers, doctors are always doctors, even when they are not in the office. Doctors are often the first to lend assistance during accidents and major catastrophes where people require medical attention, long before emergency medical technicians can arrive. Furthermore, doctors possess a unique set of qualities that allows them to adapt to any type of situation, both in and out of the healthcare facilities.

  • Objectivity – Doctors must remain objective no matter what personal feelings they are experiencing inside. They often sacrifice their own comfort and feelings when addressing a variety of situations, all while remaining professional and putting people first.
  • Resourcefulness – Doctors may not always have the luxury of access to specific tools and equipment in certain settings. Thanks to their years of training, they can adapt quickly and make use of what they do have available to treat those in need.
  • Collaborative Mindsets – Doctors are able to maintain control over a situation, command others to lend assistance, and work effectively with people they may have never met before when addressing emergency situations.
  • Educators – Doctors educate their patients by answering their questions, explaining medical terminology, and more. Some doctors even return to school as instructors to educate and train tomorrow’s doctors.
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In addition, good doctors understand each of their patients’ needs and recognize when they vary, even in cases where patients share a similar diagnosis. As such, they are able to prescribe care and treatments that best suit each of their patients.

Prudential Uniform Services thanks doctors everywhere for their commitment to their profession and the services they provide each and every one of us. Remember to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 for all of your uniform work clothes, whether you are in healthcare, industrial, retail, or another business segment!