Unsung Heroes Series: Celebrating Our Mechanics

In this installment of our Unsung Heroes Series, Prudential Overall Supply wants to take a moment to celebrate automobile mechanics. Whether they work in a quick oil change shop, body repair and paint shop, tire and wheel shop, or provide more detailed and complex services, every mechanic deserves our praises for their dedication and commitment to their careers.

Unsung Heroes Series: Celebrating Our Mechanics

Did you know that many mechanics work long and irregular hours every single week? In many types of repair and body shops, mechanics are paid on a “per job” basis, which means there is a specified number of billable hours we are charged, even if it takes the mechanic all day to complete the repairs. Some also work “on-call” hours, where they might provide after-hours towing services and roadside assistance to stranded motorists.

Aside from the long working hours, you have to truly appreciate the types of working conditions mechanics endure to keep our automobiles in top condition and operating efficiently and safely. Mechanics are required to stand for long hours on their feet, bend over, and even get under vehicles to perform repairs. Even though many mechanics work inside, they still can be exposed to cold and hot temperatures since garage doors have to be left open most of the time.

When they are not working repairing our vehicles, many mechanics are pursuing ongoing training and education outside of their normal working hours. They take classes, attend seminars, and other such coursework to ensure they are knowledgeable about all types of vehicles and the different systems used in each one!

Furthermore, they have to learn about new technologies, like electric vehicles, as well as how computers and technology can help them troubleshoot and identify problems. Imagine if you had to not only learn the basics about automotive repair, but also the variations in repairs and maintenance on each brand, make, and model on the market today!

Another reason mechanics are our unsung heroes is because they are not afraid to get their auto mechanic uniforms dirty. They understand they are going to have to work on engines, transmissions, fuel systems, and other parts of the vehicle that are going to be greasy, oily, and dirty and never complain.

Mechanic Uniforms

When we come pick our vehicles up after dropping them off for repair service, our mechanics have smiles on their faces and greet us pleasantly and professionally. Before returning our vehicles, they take the time to explain to us what was wrong with the car and how they fixed it, without using overly complex terminology, so we can easily understand.

The next time you take your car in for an oil change, maintenance, or service, remember to thank your mechanic for their dedication and commitment to keeping your vehicle running. If you are a mechanic or own and operate your own repair shop and need uniforms, remember to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 to learn about our affordable and customizable mechanic uniforms.