Restaurant Dress Codes: Weighing Your Options

When it comes to the hospitality industry, it’s all about image. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd in some way, which is why implementing a dress code in your restaurant, café, or bar will probably be one of the first things you consider.

Although many restaurants will opt for either a full or partial branded uniform, even having a consistent dress code without specific branding has many benefits. Requiring your employees to wear matching colors and cuts of clothing, for instance, makes for a customer experience that’s eye-catching, coherent, and, above all, memorable.

That’s not to mention the other beneficial aspects that a dress code can bring your business. With the right requirements for jewelry, shoes, and clothing in place, you’ll also improve your health and safety compliance and reduce the frequency of incidents, which is especially important for restaurants.

Once you’ve decided to put a dress code in place, you’ll be faced with some difficult decisions. What will you need to include in your dress code? What’s the best way to implement it so both your employees and customers are happy? Read the following guide to find the answers!

Hospitality and Restaurant Work Uniform Infographic
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