Why Rent Linens for Your Restaurant?

Linens are an essential component of any restaurant’s success. Towels, uniforms, table cloths and napkins are all essential components of a proper dining establishment. And, while some restaurants still choose to handle all of their linen needs in-house, more and more owners and managers are choosing to rent their restaurant linens, instead.

There are several benefits to handing over your linen worries to a professional service. A quality linen service will not only pick up, launder, press, and return your linens on a regular schedule, but they also take care of all the details that take up you and your managers’ time during the day. Details that, while essential, are also incredibly time consuming.

For example, a good linen service will keep an eye out for stains, rips, tears, or fading of your napkins and table cloths, and repair or replace them as needed. They also return your linens fresh, clean and ironed, so you never have to worry about making the best presentation possible.

And, if you’re still wondering if switching to a professional linen service is right for your restaurant, consider all of the money-saving benefits. Because the service will provide all of the linens you need, you don’t have to put up any capital to invest in your own linens. Additionally, you can customize your orders and linen combinations, which puts you in charge of controlling your linen costs. (You can also add and subtract services as needed.)