Uniform stains are common for workers in automotive workshops, kitchens, and other food service and processing areas. They can occur in various industrial environments as well. While uniform laundering and OILBLOK work clothes from Prudential Uniform Services are beneficial, it helps to know how to get stains out of uniforms—but not all common methods work effectively.

A stain not only affects the appearance of a uniform; if it isn’t cleaned promptly and correctly, the stain can become permanent. Here, we’ll identify some common methods of removing oil and grease stains and why they don’t replace professional cleaning.

Soak Up the Spill

Soaking up an oil stain with a tissue or paper towel and applying bicarbonate soda is common. Many people will also place the fabric in water for a while. This method doesn’t work for all stains and requires waiting before washing the item, leaving more time for the stain to settle in the fabric.

Dish Detergent

Some websites suggest washing stains out of clothing with dish detergent. While detergent is formulated to clean dishes, pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces, it is not suited for clothing and fabric. In fact, it’s rather harsh and can cause the color to fade. It can also strip away any protective layers that prevent fading, while bleach can weaken the fabric and make it more prone to tearing.Baking Soda

Natural organic reusable household cleaning products.

People often look up how to clean oil/grease with baking soda. While baking soda can remove stains, it can also leave behind a white residue. There’s also a risk of color fading due to its high pH level. The fabric may also become dull and discolored due to a reaction with some dyes. Some fabrics can become rougher when baking soda is applied. Only a high-quality laundry detergent should be used, which you can be assured of when working with a professional cleaning service.

Scrape Off Excess Material

If any sticky material has gotten on your uniform, remove as much as possible before it hardens. It’s important to do this before putting it in the washing machine. When scraping, do so gently to avoid pressing material deeper into the fabric. It will then be more difficult to get out. Afterward, proceed with rinsing the uniform or sending it out to be professionally cleaned.

Send Your Uniforms to a Professional Cleaning Service

Work wear shirt with oilblok technology

After reading the previous sections, you’ve probably gotten the hint that you’re better off relying on a professional uniform cleaner than many DIY methods. Those specializing in cleaning, such as Prudential Uniforms, have programs that ensure proper treatment and that let you run your business. Clean, fresh-looking clothes are guaranteed. If a dirty uniform cannot be saved, it will be replaced or exchanged with a garment that suits your needs.

About Work Shirts with OILBLOK Technology

If you want to be less worried about how to get grease stains out, order OILBLOK work shirts from Prudential Uniform Services, a division of Prudential Overall Supply. These are a 65/35 polyester/cotton blend and are engineered to keep oil out. At the same time, they are breathable and have a convertible collar with stays and pockets with a pencil stall. Colors include black with royal blue and black with charcoal.

Contact Prudential Uniform Services

We understand how to get stains out of uniforms is a common concern in many industries. If you’re wondering how to get work clothes clean, our tips above can be helpful. Also feel free to request a quote for any of our stain-resistant work clothes and uniforms online. If you have any questions about these or our uniform rental service, contact us on the web or call 800-767-5536.