Work Apparel for Every Industry

When operating your own business, there are so many details that you have to consider. If you open a restaurant, or run a restaurant, then you are already aware of all the rules and regulations that are in place to ensure that food handlers uphold a high level of food safety.

There are two main jobs where employees interact with food — preparation and service. Food handlers must be certified and aware of all the safety implications and hazards that come with preparing food. Employees must wash their hands at the start of a shift, when they return from a bathroom or a break, and after they’ve handled any unsafe items. Washing hands is one way to ensure that employees do not bring in germs and bacteria from the outside. Another way to limit the number of germs in a restaurant is to ensure that all work clothes are neat and clean.

While it is easy to ask employees to follow these rules, it isn’t always as easy to get them to do their own laundry. Supplying employees with work apparel helps ensure that they will come to work in clean clothes. A work uniform also reinforces the idea that your business is one cohesive unit.

Uniform rentals are a great way to ensure that employees do not cross-contaminate food with outside germs and bacteria. Rental uniform companies like Prudential Overall Supply offer laundry services that come to your place of business, pick up the dirty uniforms, and drop off clean ones!