Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Garment Tracking System (GTS)

Ensures correct inventory levels and cost containment

Prudential Cleanroom Services’ validated GTS Bar-Code Tracking System was developed in coordination with our customers. Our ongoing evaluation of this system, and the consistent input from its users ensures the GTS Bar-Code Tracking System represents the latest technology.

GTS Bar-Code Tracking System provides our customers with a complete account history report for each garment from installation to any repairs. It also tracks usage analysis by wearer, department and distribution point.

  • Improves garment inventory allocation
  • Enhances efficiencies
  • Real-time reporting
  • Excel compatible reports
  • Reduces costs
  • Developed in coordination with our customers
  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Provides our customers with a complete account history report for each garment
  • Tracks usage analysis by department and distribution point

GTS Identifies

  • Customer name
  • Type of fabric
  • Date installed
  • Style of garment
  • Size of garment
  • History of garment

GTS Reports

  • Account inventory average usage
  • Soiled count pick up
  • Detailed packing slip
  • Inventory activity summary
  • Cancel log
  • Repair log by date summary
  • Missing items by last process date

Accurate Garment Inventory Control by Department

If garments are used in a different location other than where they were assigned, they will be delivered to the correct location once processed by PCS. Our GTS system ensures this process.


CUSTOMER PORTAL: Enhances our communication between our customers and service team.

  • ABS ROUTE ASSIST DEVICE: The device captures service requests and downloads requests into Prudential’s account management system.
  • ORACLE: Secure online viewing and printing of both delivery invoices and monthly statements.
  • INFOR CRM: Ability to respond promptly to the customer both in the office and out in the field.
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