Prudential Hosts Congressional Staff

Prudential Hosts Congressional Staff
(l/r) Muffy Day, chief of staff for U.S. Rep. John Campbell (R-CA); Dan Clark, chairman of the board for Prudential Overall Supply; Danica Dawson, legislative assistant for Rep. Campbell; John Clark, general manager at Prudential's Irvine plant and a third-generation family member; and Tom Watts, president of Prudential.

In a follow up to meetings at last year’s TRSA Leadership & Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, Prudential Overall Supply recently hosted a pair of congressional staffers for Rep. John Campbell (R-CA). The two aides toured the company’s corporate offices and an adjacent plant in Irvine, CA.

“We reviewed our company’s 81-year history at our corporate office and then identified our processes at our Irvine plant,” said Jerry Martin, vice president of sales & marketing, regarding the March 27 visit by Chief of Staff Muffy Day and Legislative Assistant Danica Dawson. “We discussed initiatives like our safety VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) at our Irvine plant, which is also underway at all of our facilities companywide.”

Martin added that Prudential staff addressed several “talking points” with the congressional visitors that were distributed at TRSA’s March 18-20, 2013, Leadership & Legislative Conference in Washington. These materials focused on issues such as curbing unfair competition from prison labor, the industry’s proactive stance on reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and its opposition to a medical device tax included in the Affordable Care Act.

To learn more about last month’s TRSA Leadership & Legislative Conference, click here. If you’d like help arranging a visit to your facility by a member of Congress or their aides, please contact TRSA’s Vice President of Government Relations Kevin Schwalb at 877.770.9274 or

Release date: 04/01/2013

Contact: Jerry Martin, V.P. of Sales & Marketing (949) 250-4850 ext 275

Source: TRSA Website Blog

By: Jerry Martin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Prudential Overall Supply

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Jerry Martin is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, a leading provider of workplace uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) to a wide range of industries and organizations. Currently President of the Board of Directors for the American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA) where he works on projects to further the benefits of reusable textiles versus disposable alternatives. Martin also contributes to the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) where he is a former chairman of the association's Marketing & PR committee and helped establish TRSA’s international standard for its Clean Green certification program.