Smile: POS Updates Iconic Logo


While perusing the Holiday edition of Prudential Overall Supply’s Off the Cuff news magazine we recently learned that this third-generation family-owned company based in Irvine, CA, has made a subtle change to its logo: the “Prudential Man” is now wearing a smile along with his familiar cap and overalls.

“For decades Prudential Overall Supply has been associated with its iconic logo, the ‘Prudential Man,’ proudly positioned on all of Prudential’s route delivery vehicles,” said a pg. 1 article that shows the revised logo in the center of a circle of holiday greetings printed in cursive type. “In a recent evaluation of Prudential’s brand guidelines,” the article continued, “the idea to update Prudential’s logo was put forth by the marketing firm EOS Media. The concept was to better communicate the friendly culture demonstrated by the 81-year-old company’s employees.”

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Prudential showed off a computer-graphic rendering of a new 50,000-plus square-foot plant that’s slated to open later this year in San Antonio. An accompanying article said that the new plant will be the largest and newest industrial laundry in Texas.

Beyond providing new jobs for area residents, the new plant also will be Prudential’s first facility that’s LEED certified for environmental sustainability. The LEED acronym stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The article describes LEED as a “green building tool that addresses the entire building lifecycle, recognizing best-in-class building strategies.” In plain English, that means Prudential’s new building will save energy and lower operating costs, while demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Speaking of which, Prudential also is certified through TRSA’s Clean Green program for its adherence to environmental best operating practices.

Looks like the Prudential Man has plenty to smile about in 2014.

Prudential Overall Supply

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