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Healthcare Foam Hand Wash

Product description

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1000 ml

4585 Healthcare Foam

Healthcare Foam Hand Wash quickly removes soil from your hands and rinses easily without residue.

  • Fortified with chloroxylenol (0.25%) to further reduce bacteria with every wash
  • Specially blended with collagen for maximum skin conditioning
  • Helps reduce chapping and dryness associated with frequent hand washing
  • Light pleasant fragrance
  • Dye-Free
  • Factory sealed pouches so there is no chance for contamination
  • Pump comes withevery 1,000ml pouch
  • Keyless locking in manualdispenser. Key required inautomatic dispenser
  • Economical: Delivers more than 1,300 hand washes
  • 1000ML
  • For use with: 9921, 9921W, 9921BB, 9921BW dispenser, 9729 soap stand­


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