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Unisex Mid-Length (34”) Jacket

Product description

Product Details

Styles below assist employees comply with OSHA 29CFR 1910

Popular Applications:

  • Clinical Laboratory, Pathology, Transfusion Medicine, Phlebotomy, Hematology, Dialysis
  • General Dentistry, Periodontist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • All Quasi Cleanroom Applications requiring ISO 5 (Class 100) and Static Dissipative Fabric

Product Details

  • Full 360 degree front and back protection
  • Light back fabric promotes wearer comfort
  • Three pockets – double stitch and bar tack reinforced
  • Heavy duty stainless snap closures
  • Cuffs for over gloving, quick dry design, comfortable
  • Side vent for access to pockets, improved air flow

polyester / carbon
Fluid resistant, ESD, low lint fabric
Sizes: XS – 3XL

34-58-79-33 White, Ext Chest Pkt, Two Lower Pkts, Snap Closure
34-58-49-33 Ceil Blue, Ext Chest Pkt, Two Lower Pkts, Snap Closure