Prudential Cleanroom Services

A Tremendous, Kind Hearted Employee

Please pass my message along to Dan Clark who I believe is the CEO after doing a Google search or perhaps it’s John. I am writing a well deserved review but I wanted to recognize a tremendous, kind hearted employee. He’s an older gentleman who’s name is Paul (don’t know the last name) He was so gracious and kind today to my mother and I. I only know the company and name as he was in a light blue uniform at the gas station here in Nashua. 

We had such a nice conversation and he helped my mom with directions as we are from Wakefield originally. He spoke about his work with such compassion. He looks around maybe early 60’ish-hopefully he will be well on his way toward retirement soon. People today typically just walk right by someone in need but he represented your company for exceptional service off the clock. I hope he can be acknowledged for his kindness to my elderly mother and I. 

Please confirm if there is another method of contact of which he can be acknowledged or let me know if this has been received. I hope his managers will reward him. Human beings like him are one in a million in our working society today.

– Michelle