Going Above and Beyond in Customer Service

I would like this given to Management for Prudential Overall Supply. I just wanted to thank Tom Chemielewski for going above and beyond in customer service for Maintenance Department at Grand Canyon Railway.

On November 5, 2012 we hired a young man who came to work that morning without a jacket. We furnish jackets; however, it takes time to order them for new employees. The employee stated they planned on purchasing a jacket with first payday. He wore a XXXXL which of course we did not have a spare of. When Tom, who was filling in for our regular driver, showed up I explained the dilemma. He handed me his coat and said here you can borrow mine for a week. I said thank you, however, explained size and he immediately got on his cell phone and made some calls. When he got a call back he said they can have a loaner here by Wednesday around noon. To say the least I was pleased. Then to my surprise, when I showed up on Tuesday am before 7am there was the jacket hanging on my office door. With Williams temperatures being in teens already this employee desperately needed a jacket. Some of our employees have had some issues with problems with uniforms. Please make sure my email gets to Management. I realize he is a route manager, but whoever he answers to I want them to know we appreciate his efforts.

– Grand Canyon Railway, Williams, AZ