I’m Very, Very Pleased with “My” Prudential Crew

Hi Andrew!

I hope things are going well with you. I wanted to take a moment and share with you how terrific Rudy has been. I don’t often need anything, but when I do, he gets back to me right away and gets things resolved very quickly. Once in a great while, it may take some time, but even then he keeps in touch and keeps me informed of the status of the issue. He’s very personable and friendly and professional. I have to warn you, if there is ever the possibility that we may get changed to another Service Manager, I’ll make a huge fuss!

Also, as much as I miss Matt and as sad as I was to see him leave, I’m very happy with Justin. He’s been great and it’s a pleasure to see him every week.

I’m very, very pleased with “my” Prudential crew (yes, that includes you, too!) and I’d like to keep you all for awhile. 🙂

Have a great rest of your week.

– Mary Jane Nirenberg, Administrative Assistant, CBRITE Inc., Goleta, CA