Joe Sharma

Joe started his military career at the young age of 19. His MOS (Military Occupation Specialty Code) was 7212, Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner. Joe was stationed in Camp Pendleton CA and then at Pasadena CA where he fulfilled his duties as Reserve. While in the military, Joe fired the Stinger Missile which was later upgraded to the Avenger Missile System. After serving in active and reserve roles, Joe was honorably discharged in 2002. While in the Marines, one of the great honors for Joe was to be in several Honor Guards and be part of honoring fallen Marines or fly the colors for ceremonies in the Color Guard.

Joe was still in the military when he started working here at Prudential Overall Supply. Honor, Courage and commitment learned in the Marines caried over to Prudential with several leadership and management skills learned while in the military to prepare him for Prudential’s Management Trainee Program. In 2002 Joe ended his military career as a E-5(Sergeant). We are so blessed to have Joe and his great leadership skills he has brought with him. It is an honor to have him be part of the Prudential Overall Supply team.