Sue Adams

Following Air Force Basic Training and Tech School, Sue received orders to Malmstrom AFB, MT, where she spent four years optically aligning and loading targeting software on 200 Minuteman Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s).

At Vandenberg AFB, CA, (her second duty assignment) she was part of two Minuteman test launch teams before moving into Squadron (and later) Base-wide Training offices.

She was additionally a part of the Base Security Evaluation Team (BSET) at Vandenberg and got to play a “bad guy” in a couple of realistic terrorist exercises with Base Law Enforcement, EOD, SWAT, and the Hostage Negotiators.

In total, she served nine years (1975-1984) and left the service as a Staff Sergeant (E-5). We are honored to have her be part of Prudential Overall Supply team.