6 Factors to Consider When Selecting New Employee Uniforms

You’ve made the decision to outfit your employees in uniforms, which will offer many benefits to them, your customers, and your business overall—but now comes the task of selecting the right ones. Here are 6 factors to consider as you shop for the best industrial uniform rental.

1. Employee Safety

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Regardless of the type of business you have, the safety of your employees should always come first. That being said, the right shop uniforms for them will have certain features. For example, if you own an auto repair shop, your employee uniforms need to be resistant to oils and grease. A construction business will require uniforms that allow them to be more visible.

Employees in the food industry need uniforms that are stain-resistant and offer good protection against burns from hot foods, grease, and other liquids.

2. Employee Comfort

Next on the list is comfort. How comfortable a uniform is will be directly related to employee performance and morale. If a uniform is itchy, ill-fitting, or unattractive, it won’t be something your employees will look forward to donning each day. A uniform made of sturdy fabric that’s comfortable and easy to care for will be the right one for your employees. It will also allow them to feel like part of your team, which also increases their comfort level.

3. Sets Them—and You—Apart from the Rest

Uniforms make your employees look professional and should also help to keep your business in customers’ minds with your logo and company colors. Uniforms will help customers easily distinguish your employees from other customers. They’ll also be able to locate employees when they need help, allowing you to offer better customer service.

4. Durability

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Work uniforms are an investment; therefore, you’ll want to make sure they’re durable enough to handle what your employees will put them through every day. Including quality workwear in your uniform program will ensure that you’re always within your budget and also save you from searching for another company who can provide better uniforms.

5. The Right Company

The right uniform company can make all the difference to the workwear you choose for employees. An experienced company knows that uniforms do a lot more than just make employees look good; they also help promote teamwork, improve morale, and elevate your business and bottom line.

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