The Effects of Single-Use Disposable Cleanroom Uniforms

There have been many studies supporting the environmental advantages of using reusable cleanroom garments and coveralls to improve energy consumption, carbon footprint, water use, and emissions for large and small business contamination control apparel applications. However, a recent life cycle analysis study1 provides actionable figures and documented benefits to help your business make the change.

Two Scientists in Sterile Cleanroom Suits Control Manufacturing Machinery Work

Technology industries continue to expand their use of contamination control and sterile environments, necessitating more usage of both disposable and reusable garments. With increased consumption, comes increased environmental impact. So, which option has the greatest impact on the environment?

What Are the Benefits of Reusable Cleanroom Garments?

A life cycle analysis, or LCA, is a way to evaluate the sustainability and impact to the environment of a product, service, process, or material. By comparing the life cycle of two similar products directly from their manufacture to their end of life, the difference in environmental cost can be accurately determined.

The LCA of reusable cleanroom apparel vs. the disposable variety found that in every category the reusable option was superior, offering these measurable benefits:1

  • A 27% smaller carbon footprint
  • A 34% reduction in process energy
  • A 73% decrease in water usage
  • A greater than 50% reduction in disposal costs

Why Are Reusable Cleanroom Uniforms So Environmentally-Friendly?

Your business reputation for environmental responsibility is an important marketing point in today’s society. When you consider these facts, sourcing your clean room supply products from a Clean Green Movement supplier is an easy decision:

  • Switching to reusable cleanroom, sterile, or flame-resistant uniforms allows 20 reusable coveralls to replace 1000 disposable ones.1
  • Washing and sterilizing for reuse consumes much less water than manufacturing new disposable garments.
  • The landfill burden of 20 uniforms is far less than the alternative of 1000 garments ending up in the trash.
scientist in blue lab uniform stand near big pressure tank

Making the Switch for Your Large Facility or Small Business

It is not difficult to bring the advantages of green cleanroom garments to your organization. We have solutions for all industries and applications ready to implement today.

Working with Prudential Cleanroom Services will open a world of possibilities to make your business greener. We have been providing innovative alternatives and professional customer service to business owners and manufacturing companies who want to make a difference since 1960.

Our uniforms and supply products meet all industry standards and are also compliant with the Clean Green Movement! Browse our products now or reach out to us to get the right solution for your business needs.