How to Stock the Bathrooms at Your Business

As a facility manager, the importance of ensuring your bathrooms are clean and well-stocked simply cannot be overstated. The condition of your bathrooms will be directly related to the satisfaction of your customers and your staff. There are many options for ensuring all the bathrooms at your location exceed expectations and your restroom supply is always optimal.

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Customers and Staff Want Clean Bathrooms

Neglecting to keep a commercial bathroom clean can have a significant impact on many aspects of your business. Damage can occur to surfaces that aren’t cleaned regularly, resulting in a costly replacement. Failure to remove clogs or make repairs to sinks and toilets can mean more significant and costly repairs.

Customers faced with unclean bathrooms will have a negative impression of a business. The same is true of employees, who may then avoid using restrooms. Should this happen, proper hand-washing procedures may not be followed, leading to health risks.

The Right Selection of Products

In order to reduce costs and ensure satisfaction among those who use your restrooms, the right products are absolutely essential. The trashcan liners, paper products, dispensers, soaps, and air fresheners used in your bathroom will ensure that visitors always have a positive experience.

A towel and soap dispenser which is motion-activated will eliminate the need for visitors to make physical contact with a surface. Automatic dispensers also allow for a specific amount of product to be delivered, which can make it much easier for you to gauge when replacement is needed. This will help to avoid running out of a product.

Extending automation to lights, fans, toilets, and faucets can save your business a significant amount on energy costs.

Proper Procedures and Tools

Cleaning remains a necessity for today’s modern bathrooms. However, the proper procedure for even the most basic cleaning needs to be adequately communicated to staff. In addition to this, your staff should have the tools they need to accomplish cleaning as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

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Develop cleaning procedures for every bathroom area, including floors, sinks, and toilets, as well as a strategy to ensure that cleaning occurs with the most effective restroom products. A strategy for the proper stocking of bathrooms can increase efficiency by eliminating guesswork. The same is true of having a tracking system that allows employees to record and view when a bathroom was last cleaned.

Attention to Detail

It’s important to make staff aware that some areas will require more attention than others. For example, individual stalls will often be the most unclean area of the bathroom. Therefore, they will require the most thorough cleaning and sanitizing to ensure the elimination of bacteria and germ transfer.

Ensuring other surfaces, such as mirrors, faucets, and door handles are always clean and polished will also contribute to the overall feeling of cleanliness in your restroom.

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