7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Uniform Company

Businesses in almost every industry invest in work uniforms for their employees for multiple reasons. In addition to assisting with brand recognition and increasing quality of customer service, uniforms also distinguish employees from customers and create even standards for all staff in the workplace.

However, business owners and managers alike may not think too much about the process of choosing uniforms and, instead, might settle for options that do not support their objectives. When researching uniform supply companies, keep these tips in mind to be able to develop a solution that helps achieve your business goals.


First and foremost, your uniform supplier has to have the uniforms you need. For example, your warehouse workers need durable and protective apparel to increase employee safety on site, and restaurant staff members require high-quality and functional clothing to perform their duties in both the kitchen and dining room. The ideal supplier works with you to create an apparel plan that delivers what employees need without compromise.

Choosing a Uniform Company


An experienced supplier has worked with other businesses in your industry and understands what your needs are. From selection and quality to the cleaning schedule and maintenance, you deserve to work with an account manager and organization that puts your business first. At the same time, you need to know that you can trust the company to deliver the results needed to keep your business moving forward in the industry.


Part of being experienced in supplying employee uniforms means developing a strong supply network to support clients. Uniform supply companies should have a supply chain that works in the client’s best interest to ensure only the highest quality garments are delivered to your business.

Prudential proudly offers clients a complete service cycle, which includes pick up, soil sort, washing, drying, pants pressing, shirt pressing, in-line repair, garment identification, inspection, distribution, and delivery. This attention to detail results in on-time deliveries each week of the items your staff needs.


You depend on fast, convenient garment service so your staff has uniforms every day. You can’t afford to receive items late, tattered, or in poor quality. When researching potential uniform suppliers, learn more about their pick-up and delivery schedule and included services so you know what you are getting for the money and can create a program based on what you need.


Why work with a company that is going to treat you as just another account? When choosing a uniform company, you deserve to work directly with a representative who will develop a relationship with you every step of the way. From selecting garments to adding logos and establishing a service schedule, the best uniform companies give you a dedicated account manager who is there to answer any questions you may have.

Work Uniform Rentals


The best companies in the uniform supply industry have made a name for themselves due to quality, service, and consistency. Ask other businesses in your area—and even competitors—to learn more about the company they use to understand the pros and cons of each before deciding. This allows you to do your due diligence and put your business in the best situation to be successful.


Uniform rental management is about more than just providing great apparel for clients. It also takes a commitment to excellence and a passion for improving services while also reducing the impact on the environment. Prudential’s dedication to being a leader in the Clean Green Sustainability movement sets it apart from other uniform supply companies.

Learn more about what sets Prudential Overall Supply apart from the competition and start developing the employee uniform rental program best suited for your business by contacting a representative today at (800) 767-5536.