A Brief History of the Cleanroom

Concern over contamination during production and manufacturing processes can be traced back several centuries. Since that time, the concept of cleanrooms started to grow and develop gradually.

Hospitals did not even put the concept of a cleanroom into effect until the 19th century! The manufacturing industry also was slow to adapt, with the first controlled production areas implemented during World War I.

It was not until the HEPA filter was invented in the 1950s that cleanrooms started to take shape and transform into the ones we know today. Since the 1950s, each decade has seen advances being made in cleanroom technologies.

Even today, advances are still being made, with an emphasis on reusable cleanroom garments and eco-friendly facilities.  ARTA (American Reusable Textile Association) even introduced its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) sharing the benefits of cleanroom reusables.

To learn more about the history of the cleanroom and its evolution to what it is today, as well as the benefits of reusables, we invite you to continue reviewing and reading the following infographic.

Afterward, if you want additional information about reusables, cleanroom garments, and other specialty laundry service solutions that are Clean Green TRSA Certified, please feel free to contact Prudential Cleanroom Services, part of Prudential Overall Supply, directly today!

History of Cleanroom Infographic
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