Three Reasons Why Work Apparel and Uniforms Rentals Promote a Better Environment

Did you know that people prefer buying goods and services from small- and medium-sized businesses that promote a better environment? According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 72% of respondents would rather pay more for products and services from businesses that promote a positive eco-friendly and social environment.1

In other words, if your small- or medium-sized business does things that are eco-friendly—like use a reusable uniform rental service—and advertises this in your community, you are more likely to attract new business, even if your prices are more than a big-box retailer.

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To get the word out and promote your business, here are three specific reasons you can use as selling points to attract eco-conscious customers:

  1. Reusable Uniforms Reduce Waste

Businesses that use disposable uniforms—the ones you wear once and toss in the trash— increase the amount of waste ending up in landfills. Most disposable uniforms cannot be recycled.

Reusable uniforms can be washed, sanitized, and worn numerous times. Even when the uniforms wear out, they can be used for other purposes, like made into cleaning rags, which further extends their usefulness.

  1. Uniform Services Help Conserve Water and Energy

If your employees have to take their uniforms and wash them at home, they end up using more water and energy compared to having a uniform service launder them. For instance, you have ten employees, and all have to wash their uniforms twice a week. That’s twenty loads of laundry, compared to just one or two large loads done by your uniform rental service!

In addition, your employees will have lower water and energy bills and spend less on laundry detergents. At Prudential Overall Supply, compared to requiring employees to launder their uniforms at home, our professional laundering uniform washing uses on average:

  • 35% Lower Energy Consumption
  • 30% Water Usage Reduction
  • 42% Carbon Footprint Reduction
  1. Renting Uniforms from an Eco-Friendly Service Is an Added Bonus

When you select an environmentally friendly uniform rental service, you are further demonstrating to your customers how you also choose products and services from environmentally conscious and friendly businesses. Choose a uniform rental service like Prudential Overall Supply, which uses our eco-friendly Clean Green TRSA Certified Sustainability Movement best practices and ensures both your business and our service care about the environment.

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Other Reusable Rental Services Facility Products

Uniforms are just one reusable product you can use at your business. Other reusable items that can further promote eco-friendly decisions are:

  • Floor Mats
  • Mop Heads
  • Towels
  • Restaurant Napkins

Best of all, doing what is best for the environment by renting uniforms from us is convenient and easy to implement without creating more work for you. We take care of all aspects of the rental processes to let you focus on what matters most—your customers!

From measuring current and new employees to tracking uniform sizes, delivery schedules, making repairs, and replacing worn out uniforms, to having us customize your uniforms with logos and employee names, we work with you to help make your business more eco-friendly.

To learn more about reusable work apparel and uniforms or other reusable products rental services, please feel free to contact Prudential Overall Supply at (800) 767-5536 today!