Avoid Cross Contamination with Our Food Processing Uniforms

Prudential Overall Supply is more than just a basic uniform company. We are a company that provides uniforms, yes — but, we are also a company that strives to meet the very specific needs of different industries. The food processing industry is one example. When you own and operate a business in the food processing industry, preventing cross-contamination is essential. As your workers process and handle foods, they can easily contaminate the food with dirt, germs, and bacteria from outside the sterile processing plant.

Our food processing uniforms are compliant with HACCP standards. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points — it is a method of ensuring food safety. Our uniforms, as well as our cleaning process, are designed to adhere to the strict standards of HACCP. We utilize a hygienic laundering process to ensure that all uniforms are clean and sanitary. We also provide sanitation control for every step of the laundering process, including delivery to your business location. If necessary, poly-wrap options are available to ensure that your uniforms arrive clean, sterile, and free from contamination.

When your employees wear their freshly-laundered uniform, you don’t have to worry that they will contaminate the food with germs or bacteria. Rather than having your employees keep their uniforms, sending them back to us for cleaning ensures that the uniforms are always cleaned to the HACCP standards. This is essential in food safety — without these standards, and without our strict adherence to the regulations, food processing businesses such as your own would only succeed in spreading contaminated food to the public.

Our service staff is trained in HACCP compliance. This means that when your uniforms arrive for cleaning, you can trust that they are being treated by trained staff members that understand the importance of cleanliness and avoiding contamination. As your uniforms are cleaned and packaged for delivery, our staff will use every precaution and take every necessary step to make sure the uniforms are never exposed to outside contamination. Again, this ensures that when your employees put the uniforms on, they are clean, sterile, and safe for use around food processing equipment.

Here at Prudential Overall Supply, we take food processing seriously. We don’t want to be responsible for contaminated foods making their way onto market shelves across the country — and we know that you don’t want to be responsible for that, either. That is why we can work together to ensure that your uniforms are clean and ready  for use. As a business owner, you have much more important things to worry about than cleaning uniforms. Leave the uniforms and the cleaning to us — you take care of the safe processing of the public’s foods.

Contact us today at Prudential Overall Supply to learn more about HACCP and the various practices that we follow. Let our representatives answer all of your contamination questions, and learn how we can help your food processing company avoid cross contamination. Avoidance begins with the uniforms worn by your employees — start the process on the right foot with our safe and clean  uniforms.

Avoid Cross Contamination with Our Food Processing Uniforms