Ensuring Food Safety With HACCP


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Have you ever gotten food poisoning? According to the statistics, chances are you have. Every year, tens of millions of people become the victims of foodborne illnesses. Foodborne illnesses are usually accompanied by such symptoms as vomiting, cramping and even body aches, making the victim miserable for days. In some cases, hospitalization or even death can occur. Due to the severity of this problem, it’s important that all companies in the food industry follow some sort of safety plan.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) is a great way to help ensure food safety. This management system follows seven principles to help identify, evaluate, and control the hazards that can cause foodborne illnesses. These principles include guidelines that companies and employees should follow in concern to personal hygiene and cleanliness of the workspace. Continue reading the following infographic in order to learn more about how HACCP can help ensure food safety.

Ensuring Food Safety With HACCP

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