Beyond Nurses – Careers that Require You to Wear Scrubs

Office, or Dress codes and work uniforms are a fact of life in just about every career path today. And when it comes to uniforms and work apparel, it doesn’t get much more comfortable and fun than scrubs.

Easy to wear, and even easier to care for, scrubs come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Today, many industries that require their employees to wear scrubs are using uniform services to ensure that their team members always look their fresh best. Think nurses and doctors are the only ones wearing these versatile and affordable work uniforms? Think again. Here’s a look at just some of the careers that scrub in for work every day:

Medical Assistants and Technicians

Medical assistants work in various different positions in the medical field. At doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals, medical assistants can be seen doing everything from taking patient’s vitals and assisting in procedures, to filing and answering phones.

Medical technicians – including X-ray techs, CT technicians and phlebotomists – are also members of the scrub wearing club. Not only do scrubs and work uniforms give these hard working professionals uniformity and camaraderie between every member of a medical team, they are also the perfect way to keep your regular clothes clean and intact while dealing with patients, germs, blood and other fluids.

Dental Assistants

Like medical assistants, dental assistants help dentists with various tasks in their front and back offices. Wearing a work uniform that consists of scrubs is an excellent way to ensure comfort, and make sure that they are easily identified and respected by patients.

Vets and Veterinarian Assistants

Think scrubs are only for people who care for people? Think again. Those working with sick animals need a consistent and professional work uniform, as well, and scrubs just fit the bill.

Massage Therapists

Whether they work at a spa, doctor’s someplace else, altogether, the oils, lotions, creams and scents that massage therapists work with on a daily basis would wreak havoc on their clothing. Luckily, scrubs are designed to not only be easy to maintain, but also comfortable to wear during a long day on your feet.

Beyond Nurses – Careers that Require You to Wear Scrubs