Keeping Greasy Mechanic Uniforms Clean

When it comes to mechanic’s work uniforms, keeping them clean and grease-free can be a constant struggle. Caustic substances, buildup, fluids, and oils are all a daily reality for those working on engines, cars, airplanes, or any other mechanical parts. If you own or manage any kind of mechanic shop, keeping your employees looking professional and polished can start to feel like a never-ending fight. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks for keeping those employee uniforms and work apparel looking their absolute best year-round.

Pre-treat with Dish Soap

Many dish detergent brands are specifically designed to cut through grease and oil. Keep a bottle of dish detergent on hand specifically for your work uniforms, and encourage all of your employees to do the same at home. As soon as a spill happens, apply some dish soap to the grease or oil and allow it to soak in. Pretreating quickly increases the likelihood of the stain coming out in the wash.

Educate Your Employees

Taking the time to inform your employees about the most effective methods to keep their work uniforms clean and professional is important when you’re working in a stain-prone environment. Teach them about the importance of laundering often, explain the best degreasing products you’ve come across, and provide more than one uniform, so they are able to properly wash and dry them.

Consider Using a Uniform Service

One of the best moves any mechanic company can make is to switch to a uniform service. These professional uniform cleaning services provide fresh uniforms, along with laundering services and repairs, so that you and your employees can eliminate the hassles of trying to keep their work apparel clean.