Business Wardrobe Essentials for Ladies & Gents

Even in today’s more relaxed office environment, dressing and looking your best remains important. Many young professionals, used to coming to college classes in t-shirts and flip flops, flounder in their early careers as they struggle with the transition to a more formal environment.
How we look influences the opinions of other professionals and customers, so projecting a professional image is important. Equipping yourself with a few wardrobe basics will help you dress in a manner that projects the image you and your company wish to portray.

Business Wardrobe Essentials for Ladies & Gents

For men:

  • The navy suit is an indispensible item for the young professional’s wardrobe. It projects a comfortable, professional image, and works well with most shirts and shoes. When choosing a fabric for a suit, try wool, as it is an easy fabric to maintain.
  • A gray suit is more appropriate for very formal occasions. Gray suits typically age better than black suits, and project an aura of competence and maturity.
  • A good watch can subtly portray competence and punctuality to clients and other professionals. There are a variety of affordable and stylish watches young professionals can purchase, including Timex watches.
  • Every young male professional should invest in several white shirts. White shirts go well with just about any pants and suit combination, and are the backbone of most professional wardrobes.
  • Male professionals, like it or not, need a few good ties in their collection. Solid, neutral colors work well for most ties. If you prefer brighter colors, make sure the tie pattern isn’t too busy, to avoid making your neckpiece a gaudy distraction.
  • Young professionals should purchase quality lace up black and brown business shoes that go well with their other clothes. For professionals who need a few paychecks under their belts before massive fashion investments, buy the black shoes first, as they go with a wider range of outfits.

For women:

  • Women should buy at least three pairs of dress pants. Colors such as khaki, brown, black, navy, and gray are good starter colors. Be sure that the pants fit well.
  • Blazers can go a long way toward making your outfit look more professional. Investing in a basic navy blue blazer is a good initial choice for women.
  • The basic black dress will help you present a classy, professional image at formal corporate events. Black dresses are slimming, go well with many accessories, and present a business-like image.
  • Women should invest in a few dressy tops for the work week. Solid colors and prints combined with blazers will create a stylish professional image and also work well for after work social gatherings.
  • A pencil skirt is a great addition for a business wardrobe. It can be paired with a variety of shirts and sweaters.

By investing in a few items of professional attire, young professionals can ensure they comply with their new workplace’s dress code and also promote their careers by portraying a professional image.
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