Can Your Business Benefit From POS Clean Room Services?

Prudential Cleanroom Services is committed to assessing, identifying and creating solutions for critical environments. In fact, since 1960, Prudential Cleanroom Services has become a global leader within the bio-science, aerospace, pharmaceutical industry and other industries who manufacture and operate within a controlled environment. From particulate or aseptic garment processing to ESD controlled environments, all PCS ISO Class 3 Cleanroom Garment Processing Facilities are certified and experienced in safe and sterile garment processing. Through our service programs, PCS is devoted to meeting and exceeding customer expectations and process requirements.

Prudential Cleanroom Services

Can Your Business Benefit From POS Clean Room Services?

Our comprehensive Cleanroom Services are built around customer needs. By providing high quality and specified services and solutions, we aim to help create a risk-free environment for industries worldwide. These programs help provide businesses and their facilities with many benefits to promote proficiency, sustainability, and safety within the workplace environment. Our Clean Room services range from:

Garment Program – Our IN-STOCK program is an innovative solution for businesses of all industries. This garment program utilizes industry fabrics to streamline implementation, thereby heavily reducing the long, common lead time many industries are accustomed to. We offer a wide selection of styles and colors for industry-specific requirements.

Sterilization Validation – Prudential’s sterilization validation qualifies industry materials, equipment and processes, and more. This validation is executed to ensure all products meet PCS Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) requirements.

ISO Certified – Prudential Cleanroom Services is ISO certified for providing quality management systems, including the provision of cleanroom apparel and other contamination control products and services for use in controlled environments.

Site Management Specialists – Our On-site Coordination Program utilizes trained management specialists at your location to increase organized communication and efficiencies within your facility processes. Our site management specialists assist in maintaining a high quality of productivity within change areas in accordance to cleanroom protocols.

Inventory Management – By utilizing our GTS (Garment Tracking System), customers are provided with a complete account history report for each garment to identify a range of analytic points. These usage analysis reports can include wearer, department, and distribution points.

Greener Growing Protocol – Here at Prudential Supply, we implement green values within everything we do. Through our Greener Growing Protocol, we devote solutions to reduce consumable products and increase reusable products through methods of conversion and conservation.

PCS Assessment

Your Prudential Cleanroom Service Assessment helps us identify what your business needs the most, thereby creating specific facility and process solutions to accommodate and fortify critical points. This initial step is a way for our specialists to ensure your facility is maintaining industry standards in accordance to ISO Class 3 Cleanroom Garment Processing. Visit our Cleanroom page today to learn more.