Customer Service is Unparalleled between Prudential and their Clients

Prudential Overall Supply Company has always prided themselves on providing great customer service.  Stemming back to when they first opened their doors, over 80 years ago, Prudential has been working with their customers to help improve their business. 

Uniforms are proven way to help improve business as well as company moral and employee outlook. Prudential Overall Supply Company has been making uniforms possible for many different types of companies for years.

Back when Prudential first started, it was very difficult to acquire work uniforms. You must consider that over 80 years ago clothing and work apparel were not produced in the same way that it is today. And if you wanted customized work apparel the process took even longer.

It was much more expensive and took much longer to actually acquire these uniforms, regardless of the industry that it was for. This meant that only businesses with a strong start up capital or an existing clientele, also known as well established businesses, could afford work uniforms. This meant that if your business had work uniforms it showed credibility as well as a level of success. You can imagine how all businesses would desire work apparel (under these conditions), but it was very difficult to come by.

That was until the Prudential work uniform stepped in to the market that businesses were transformed, and the way that companies and people were able to attain work apparel was forever changed. The Prudential business model was a simple one.  Prudential purchases the initial uniforms and then leases them out to Prudential customers, enhancing other businesses through the Prudential way.