Prudential Overall Supply, Helping Local Businesses and Economies Grow

In today’s economy, with so many projects and companies reaching out overseas to cut down costs, it is really the local and smaller markets that suffer. Prudential Overall Supply Company is an American company, and it operates on a local and national level to ensure that local businesses can access the resources that they need and that these products are made with sustainable resources, using responsible practices.

Prudential Overall Supply Company did just that in Prescott Valley, Arizona. They established a new Prudential facility that helped to reach businesses as far as 200 miles away from the physical facility itself. This kind of local access helps cut down on overhead for these businesses, and businesses within a 200 mile radius were able to take advantage of reusable and other textiles.

Just after opening, Prudential already reached 800 local businesses, and expected to have their clientele base grow significantly in the coming years.

Having quality products available on a local level makes it easier for businesses to operate without having to worry about foreign manufacturers and distributors. Prudential’s success in various towns also helps to attract other businesses and distributors. Prudential not only works with businesses to ensure the highest quality of service; they also work with towns and local communities.

Prudential offers a variety of supplies and various types of work uniforms across a number of different businesses and industries. Prudential’s commitment to excellence and to helping other businesses and communities grow has been a part of their mission since they first opened their doors over 75 years ago.

Prudential Overall Supply, Helping Local Businesses and Economies Grow